Peaceful Thoughts

Painful thoughts are often in conflict

Painful thoughts are a waste and a burden

They cycle all day long

They haunt you for a long time

Why change the unchangeable

Why control the uncontrollable

Good thoughts are accepting

Good thoughts are hopeful

Those people with peaceful minds

Place their thoughts on Heaven above

They think of God and good things

Sparing everyone they meet

Do not be consumed by worry

Don’t let coming dangers frighten you

Pessimism is grounded in delusion

And do not be sluggish and immobile

Be prepared and consider the science

Treating urgently what is urgent

And taking action for the helpless

Supporting Verses

  • Thoughtful consideration is the construction of the wise, but panic and worry are wasteful and destructive
  • Beliefs lead to thoughts, so changing beliefs lead to changing thoughts
  • Put your mind on God and Heavenly things, such as lovely people and the Afterlife, and spare yourself and your friends the trouble of painful thoughts

Remain grateful.