Peace with Less

Poverty is the bane of life

The body may be weak

And it may be overcome by disease

The mind consumed by evil

Haunted by horror

Full of worry

Indeed, poverty strikes every part

What do the homeless have for themselves?

What does a lost soul have for itself?

Yet in life there is still hope

No matter how much loss comes

Your Heavenly Father is still near

His Love can shine through thick clouds

Raging winds cannot cover His whispers

And no food or tool is more valuable than He

So have peace with less

Let your loss come, do not cry

Thank your Father from your heart

Certainly, He knows of the truth

Supporting Verses

  • You perceive that God take away, but He would never do wrong to you, He only desires the best for you
  • Our Father gives, so even when He takes away, there is still gain, and know that everything is losable, from the shallow to the deep
  • There may be poverty of the heart, the mind, the soul, and earthly provision, but this State of Poverty can be escaped by finding peace and happiness with less
  • Meanwhile there may be luxury in the heart, the mind, the soul, and earthly provision, which is always more than is healthy or optimal
  • Yet poverty is less to some than to others, and more to some today than tomorrow, so pray that you sense not poverty and that your loss becomes your gain
  • Love and faith in God relieves all states of poverty, be that of the mind, the soul, the body, the world, or the heart

Examples, may be lost...

Examples, finding your gain...

(trials, learning in darkness, re-direction, re-focus)

God allows all things to happen, yet only Satan would trick you into seeing losses, for God would have you see the gains.