Judge Righteously

Judgement is not befitting of people

Only Our Creator has complete knowledge

None can discern or comprehend likewise

Our Father gives the same choice to all

Both the humble and the prideful

That they should judge or not

Indeed, Our Creator judges the one who judges

Surely, like your dealings He shall deal with you

And by His judgement He gives out mercy

The person who judges by the surface

An impression, a sound, or sight

Our Creator shall be just as harsh in return

Rather, be of correct judgement

And do not exercise it often

All of us as brothers and sisters

Expect events to come to pass

For others to treat us in a certain way

And for one thing to mean another

These are merely expectations

Which may not be correct at all

Until a conclusion must be drawn

And a final judgement called

Be not surprised at these times

When expectations are proven wrong

Indeed, judgement is tempting by way of surety

Supporting Verses

  • "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven." - Luke 6:37
  • "Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly." - John 7:24
  • Reactions and reflexes are not worthy of condemnation, and do not judge people by them
  • Expectations are understandable and adjustable, but final judgements are rarely good
  • Guesses and unpredictable decisions are not judgements, expectations are not judgements; judgement consists only of final conclusions, and ridding your thoughts of them is truly possible
  • It is always best to do both good deeds when questioned between two
  • Blessed is he who has many perspectives, who can see the good in his deeds but the bad as well (yet in others focuses on the good)
  • Blessed is he who seeks the rational rather than the emotional, yet he falters if he does not empathize with emotion and expects rationality from others
  • See to it that you help not the perpetrator, but run to the aid of the victim
  • The most obvious of righteous acts is wrong at times in practice, so be thoughtful to the consequences and consider something better

Do not judge by appearances (the way it looks, sounds)

Examples of righteous judgement