Control Yourself

God allows for us difficulty on Earth

Anger problems inhibit innocent people

Sexual desires pull people into darkness

Poverty tests people every single day

Yet Our Father is compassionate

He sees one in distress

The one overcoming it

Doing right and showing love

And He rewards those extra efforts

So pray Him to nurture self-control

Ask Him to gain self-discipline

Despite the pressures of life

Be of the moderate and calm

Under no authority at all

Deprive yourself to do what you must

Every upsetting instance

Evokes a gentle and calm response

One who is slow to anger

Nurtures toleration and patience

Supporting Verses

  • Be slow to anger and quick to calm, like God, Our Father, and do not condemn an angry man for being angry
  • Regarding all things made hard by the world and the flesh, such as anger problems or sexual desires or various poverties, there is an additional credit to you for overcoming



Act righteously despite pressures and in the absence of an authority

Includes self-deprivation, avoidance, planned responses (ex. to own anger)

Do not your emotions explode

Do not gorge or binge on anything

Do not speak or act mindlessly

Be above coercion and think for yourself

Be of the moderate, avoid extremes