Escape the Fire

The fire will boil your inner self

Its caretakers will blame you

What a woeful home it is

Might you learn despite this?

Might you have reverence for your Creator

So your love could overflow,

Even seeing the light in your captors?

The fire will take everything

You will cry out and be abandoned

Like a prisoner or slave

But can't God save you even now?

With faith, might you pray to Him,

And with heart, forgive again and again?

Yes, He Determines All Things!

Always, God is The Most Capable!

Those dark times will trap you

Escape is an invisible door for you

Dark times bring us to survive

And survival is not progress

Indeed, dark times beget dark times

Its victim must search for a way

Yet it will remain covered and out of reach

Until one changes and does what God wills

God guides him to act righteously

Knowing his life does not beget righteousness

Let him give unto others heavenly times

Let God be pleased and reward him plenty

Seek not to send people into hard times

You seek a benefit

But incur the cost and its penalties

Rather, be of the most helpful

Pull a person out of his suffering now

And teach him his way out afterwards