Cry No More

Darkness always comes in time

We all grieve in time, for the Earth is no home

Our past haunts us even today

Hardships last far past their hope

Is the Earth just crumbling rock?

Is there no sense in what happens to us?

Nay, God Directs All Things!

All The Sand and All The Snow!

Might I fail in an endeavor

God prepares me for another

Might I lose my shelter

God keeps for me a blanket

Might I never find true love

God shows His Love instead

Missing what you have lost

Remembering what you never had

Trials call for more than you have

What you have calls for more love

There is no strength or desire

Your Father calls you away

Away from the whole world

Indeed, it is a futile place

Few escape Earth's suffering

Your Creator calls you to Him

Where trials lose their power

And what you've had pales in comparison

Unlike eternal life and His Love

For your God is a caring Creator

He is filled with sorrow at your suffering

So give to others and call upon Him

He is always near and complete in knowledge

Supporting Verses

  • Suffering for the People is filled with pain, but self-harm is a waste and a sadness for Our Father
  • He who does not have the desire to live, let him know that you want him around, remind him of his value to you (Recognize his pain, remind of those people (friends, family, the hungry, the needy) who rely upon them, life's purpose)
  • There is time for lamentations, but it's best not to dwell in sadness