Don't Love Poison

The body finds itself in decay

Strength is given way, time is poured

A food unlike the fruits, a poisonous berry

Patiently, you eat, slowly, it also eats

Oneself is low but also high

Indulging in the seductive taste

Coming back to drink and to buy

Gaining now, and losing later

Returning again and again

To give your health, to pay the premium

This is addiction, one of Satan's dreams

What is worth little shall cost you much

How easy it is to honor an excellent person

But the mirror is full of disapproval

Might you despise yourself for your life?

Yet your Creator loves your soul more than body

Supporting Verses

  • Addictions cause more damage, but habits provide more benefit
  • Science is the culmination of man’s struggle against the earth, take advantage of it in your understanding of substance use
  • If you seek sobriety or are given to an addiction, pray for His Will to be done, yet also if you seek refuge from medication, then pray for His Will to be done


Addiction is not habit

Warnings of addiction, recognizing, dealing with

Do not share addictive or dangerous substances with others, and do not deceive others regarding them.

The reality of self-loathing, paranoia, family, friends, regrets of what is said and done