Go His Way

Our God created the Heavens and the Earth

He determined what is good and called it His own

While Satan did everything else and it was all evil

Wisdom and righteousness are to be sought after

Folly and wickedness are Satan's joys and they are sin

God's Children are on the side of the light

Their enemies are completely wayward

The pain of trials strengthen a person

But woe unto the one who delivers trials

For the relief of gifts rescue a lost one

And it is the generous who are destined for peace

Supporting Verses

  • Whatever is False will not stand; Whatever is True will not fall
  • One who says all Sin is equal or all Good Deeds are equal is retelling a falsehood which causes many to fall further into Sin, it is not the way, never believe it
  • Remember that the good is desirable, and the bad is detestable
  • Righteousness blows in the way of benefit, but evil kindles damages
  • Ease righteousness by benefit, or ease evil by damages
  • He who says doing good does not lead to benefit is wrong, but he who says good can cost from himself, he is with God, Our Father
  • Ask them, if they shall choose a side against you, "Do you believe it good when people gang up on someone who did wrong?" "Do you believe it good when people point out your problems?" "Do you believe that fighting will show who is right?" Then say, "Would your beliefs stand the test of time, would they produce a fruit?"

Gifts are pain relief, do not be insensitive

God's commands not path to riches, neither evil, determine path

Good is desirable, bad is detestable, righteousness nurtures benefit, benefit eases righteousness

Ask, do you believe it good... Stand time? Produce fruit?

Whatever is false will not stand