Follow Jesus

Indeed, Our God had a Son who lived on Earth

He was selfless and full of love and peace

Yet he lived a life of poverty and difficulty

Yes, Our Father chose One to be called His Own

And the One chosen called us brothers and sisters

His name is Jesus Christ

The Holy Lamb who was slain

Jesus is the coming Lord over All Earth

The compassionate Savior of mankind

Created since before creation, the living Gospel

A truth which was true before time and now

He is the first messenger of the Gospel

The One who healed the multitudes

The only direct way to the Creator, Our Father

And the one called Life-Giving Messiah

The Prophets labored hard in the fields

But Jesus brings life to the People

Indeed, Jesus always brought life

From his earliest years as a young one

He astounded those who listened

And he amazed elders at his teaching

But Jesus power was not only in his teaching

For he had the Creator on his side

He confidently performed feats of healing

With authority he rid people of their sickness

Before long, crowds began to follow him

But he said, the glory is God’s, and it was

Yet it was Jesus that God had confirmed

By giving him such power in the sight of others

In time, Jesus teachings were collected

They were shared with passion and devotion

Now, these poems share his message once again

Along with other teachings of science and wisdom