Other Poems

If you really cared for the poor, you would be working even now

If you really cared for the poor, you would take on their hardships

If you really cared for the poor, you would be friends with them

My Father blesses the one who blesses others

He equips him and builds him up and gives him strength

My Father raises up His Children and separates the bad from the good

He causes one to lose part of himself so that he might grow

Take up the burden of others, take up the mission of God

For in all great blessings, one shall incur the cost of his blessing

So when you turn your cheek, you shall incur the sting

And when you go the extra mile, you shall incur the expense

When you care for the sick, your wealth shall decrease

Take up the burden of others, take up the mission of God

The Lord is just and fair,

To each deed is a due reward

His measure is not too short,

Nor is it too long

The Lord is mindful of sin,

Each calls for the penalty

Only by his mercy

And by his forgiveness

The Lord does deliver us

We search for satisfaction,

The Earth provides only dust

It begs for servitude

Yet when the People hunger

They seek an everlasting well,

The never-ending catch,

Only in God shall they find it

The Lord has a great abundance,

He is not a God of scarce resource

Indeed, The Lord is eternal,

He is not a moment gone by

In the Afterlife we join Him,

We are given the final relief

The darkest plots and schemes

They are foiled by forgiveness

Just as a fire is dowsed in water

Or the enemy finds a blockade

Be not cold, let the numb find God's warmth

Our Father seeks your quiet love

Your prayer has many branches

But what good is a prayer without love?

(what good is a deed without heart, or a faithless deed?)

Breathe life into the abused,

Who have been treated like objects

Abuse is heavy upon the victim

Unlike a quarrel or a bad day

Abuse leaves damages in its wake

The abused are not to be blamed

Their road is long, but with God there is hope

My Father shall deliver them out

He will grant your wishes, He will be near the praying person

He will hear your cries, He will help you

Our Father asks you not to delay

Yet His judgement is accurate and true

He will see a false pardon easily

And send justice at the right time

All the people shall stumble

The damage thereof is brought on us

The righteous shall get up again

While the evildoers set up traps and blocks

We shall suffer together

The righteous and unrighteous suffer together

Until that Day when the evil and good are separated

Until then we shall suffer together

Here we have built a house on the foundation

We have opened the doors to the Gospel

Together we will find goodness in Jesus name

Safely secured, adorned with peace and love