Other Poems

The Lord is just and fair,

To each deed is a due reward

His measure is not too short,

Nor is it too long

The Lord is mindful of sin,

Each calls for the penalty

Only by his mercy

And by his forgiveness

The Lord does deliver us

We search for satisfaction,

The Earth provides only dust

It begs for servitude

Yet when the People hunger

They seek an everlasting well,

The never-ending catch,

Only in God shall they find it

The Lord has a great abundance,

He is not a God of scarce resource

Indeed, The Lord is eternal,

He is not a moment gone by

In the Afterlife we join Him,

We are given the final relief

The darkest plots and schemes

They are foiled by forgiveness

Just as a fire is dowsed in water

Or the enemy finds a blockade

Breathe life into the abused,

Who have been treated like objects

Abuse is heavy upon the victim

Unlike a quarrel or a bad day

Abuse leaves damages in its wake

The abused are not to be blamed

Their road is long, but with God there is hope

My Father shall deliver them out

He will grant your wishes, He will be near the praying person

He will hear your cries, He will help you

Here we have built a house on the foundation

We have opened the doors to the Gospel

Together we will find goodness in Jesus name

For those that seek wisdom

They should find diligence

Some will be surprised, but all aware

That those who exceed in their schoolwork

Are recruited to the best institutions

And given the biggest opportunities

Yet many choose a harder path

Indeed, the wise prefer structure

They seek organization and cleanliness

Yet the wise also persevere in the Gospel

Honoring those who are unclean

And putting love ahead of Earthly deeds

Your talents are best found young

For a seed planted at an early age

Has the potential to sprout into a large tree

It’s true, the most successful start young

So have patience, and remember the poor

Can’t you help them?

Master your skills through practice

Learn them through plenty of reading