Never Violate Another

The People are intimate

Most of them are sexually inclined

Grief and sorrow, trauma and damage

These are (often) the fruits of sexual sin (life-changing events)

Love and intimacy, affection and closeness

These are fruits of sexual righteousness

Become familiar with what Our Father detests

In Him seek safety from the consequences of sin

By force or despite a refusal, one does not desist a sexual provocation

That person is guilty of rape, this is a heinous sin

One makes sexual advances upon his siblings or parents or children

That person is guilty of incest, this is a heinous sin

Disregarding age and innocence, one makes sexual advances on the prepubescent

That person is guilty of child molestation, this is a heinous sin

More than this, it is honorable to abide by the Law of the Land

Disregarding sexual exclusivity, one seeks sexual pleasure outside ones commitment

That person is guilty of adultery, this is a heinous sin

Do not invite those seducers to your bed, do not look at them lustfully

You shall have safety from the penalty if they trap you in sin

Having sex aimlessly, one who has sex without commitment

That person is guilty of fornication, it is a wasteful act

Indeed, group fornication is also displeasing to God

And people should also not display their sexual acts in public

Your commitment can be confirmed by time or legal bond

But one who transgresses creates carnage

That person leaves damage in their wake

By His Holy name, respect privacy in your sexual engagements

Engage behind closed doors and always assure mutual desire

As a believer, ask forgiveness for your past sins

Turn from these sins, and you may be spared the penalty