Choose Freely

Our Father created each person

Each one an individual

He gave us minds and hearts of our own

To make the choice between right and wrong

Indeed, He provides for you a finite environment

Within which He provides space to choose

From which He shall judge your heart

Supporting Verses

  • Do not give in to coercion or pressure, all people have believers
  • Do not use force, do not even pressure others, and avoid exceptions to this guidance
  • We are not here to impose our beliefs on others, but we seek to bless all regardless of their rule-book, their religion, or their opinion
  • Don't teach lessons by way of force (such as by reciting verses endlessly upon the unbelievers), instead, put the teachings into practice as one of love, only afterwards sharing out Good Teaching

Coercion, pressure, force, (and the better alternatives) enough free-will, authority respects free-will with freedom to leave and with light force over heavy, do not impose (destiny?) suggestion over obligation (okay if law requires something, but the person is not held liable, unless God judges in their heart an earnest desire as well) as a testament to your will, leads to mob mentality, free-will is why you're held accountable for actions and force works against God's desires thus creating a helpless (blameless) person