The Slave Owner

The demons are sadistic liars

Their father is the inventor of sin

Torturers share both hands with Satan

Possessors of people share their bed with him

Whoever steals people’s free will

That one has done the most heinous

And created a tragedy worse than death

Such people are in severe danger of Hell

They may never escape the rulers of their new home

Where the authorities take endless joy in their suffering

Yet the helpless will be given amazing honor

Infinite abundance and overflowing love from all over

And the Presence of the Almighty will heal their souls

Only the slave owners who turn away from their sin

Who receive justice and the due penalty on Earth

May have comfort on the day of reckoning

Supporting Verses

  • Slaves and forced labor of all kinds is heinous and tragic, a heavy penalty will be dealt to those involved except the helpless
  • Do not exploit slaves on Earth, for the (sadistic) demons of Hell will someday exploit you for their joy, where you will have it off worse than any single one slave
  • Salvation is possible, but avoiding the penalty is not
  • I'm only a slave to God, and God set me free

Deterrence of sex trafficking, release slaves, do not buy

What is the owner, the slave's life

The destiny of both, should he do evil or good