Respect Your Family

Our Father looks after His Children

Those who love Him, He raises up

He watches on, complete in knowledge

So be born of self-control, be full of love

How tragic it is when two people

Meant to be brothers enjoined by spirit

Are split not by righteousness, but by sin

Of the offensive moves, there is violence

Driven by justifications, one directs with his hands

Strikes and blows, not signals or signs

Often deluded by fear, anger, envy, misled, and mistaught

Some seek dark satisfactions, the devil's win

By the help of a weapon or device

That is a loved one given to temptation

Your Father guides you as He pleases

You may flee, you may scream

Show your love for others if you stay

Endure the affliction, speak God's Word

Make not a threat to another

Take no threat as a joke

Respond not with testing, make no challenges

Show respect, and be of the humble

To each person belongs their own body

Direct your own body, direct your own house

Honor your Father with your emotions

Anger is the gate of the ignorant

Love is on the other side for the faithful

So be not angry with each other

Each of His Children has great value

Indeed, your mind is like a star

Your soul cannot be exchanged for diamonds

Our Father created each of us as the spectrum

One blue, one green, one red

Be fruitful and spread seed region to region

Associate with other peoples

Befriend those not of your own kind

An authority may uphold their Law

And parents may add discipline

But brothers and sisters seek not power over each other

They reward each other often

They seek after each others benefit

Supporting Verses

  • Do not confront others violently, with the hands or weapons, and if others threaten you, do not test them, and if others harm you, endure or flee, yet the authority will uphold the law
  • Each person is as magnificent as a star and in their minds there is a galaxy